Head shot

Before I say anything else: If you see any photography here and it’s good, it’s a credit to Steve Glass.  Hire him.  If the photo is lousy, odds are high that Steve didn’t take it.  If the design inspires you, it’s because I’m a graphic designer and you need to hire Groove180.

You’ve arrived at West Bamboo Custom Fly Rods, in Fort Collins, Colorado. You are, in fact, in the right place. Poke around the site and look at the pictures and read the opinions; there’s no shortage of either.  And, there will be many more rod photos in the coming months as I tend to the finer details.

I’ve been hand-planing custom rods since 1997. If you’re looking for a bamboo fly rod or spinning rod, congratulations. Bamboo rods are always one-of-a-kind, are wonderful pieces of angling tradition and are the optimal tool for the right fishing situations. If you’re considering a new rod for yourself, buy bamboo; you’ve already got too much plastic in your house, anyway. If you’re a collector, check out my rods – you’ll be impressed. Looking for a gift? Fly rod.  Duh.

Look around my site to get a feel for things, but contact me with questions.  Newcomers: no questions are stupid, and you’ll find that a rodmaker can generally find more than enough time to talk or write about rods or fish or travel or flies or…


I already mentioned design up at the top. Related to bamboo and fishing, you may have seen some of my early work for Golden Witch Technologies, Inc., Arcane Component Works, Trout Grass or TL Johnson Fly Rods. If you’re looking for graphic print or web design, or know anybody who is, visit me at groove180.com.

Enjoy your time here.